Lime Slurry Soil Stabilization:
Mesa Building Pads

Large building pads are generally on a time crunch for being “Sold” off, and Asphalt Busters was a main component of this being able to happen on time. 150 tons+/- of quicklime was trucked 230 miles from Peach Springs to the site daily to get the job completed on time.
  • 119,000 Square Yard or 1,071,000 Square Feet
  • 2 Building Pads Treated
  • 1,495 tons of material trucked in
  • 1,973 tons of material spread
  • 1,046,419 gallons of Lime Slurry Spread
  • Date: June 2020
  • Project Type: Lime Slurry
    Soil Stabilization

Lime that has been trucked to the job site is first mixed with water in slacking tanks and then transferred to spreader trucks.

Asphalt Busters custom spreader truck lays down a precisely calculated layer of lime slurry.

After the lime slurry is spread over an area for the building pad, the mixing machine incorporates into the soil to stabilize it prior to construction.
Mixing machines combine lime slurry with soil on the building pad to a controlled depth.