Since 1989, we’ve specialized in asphalt pulverizing and soil stabilization in Arizona and throughout the Southwest. Municipalities, Highway Contractors, Grading and Paving Contractors use our services to save time and money when constructing traffic-bearing surfaces and building pads.

What sets us apart…


For over 31 years we have been a leader
in our industry.



We will not compete with your paving business since pulverizing, recycling and stabilizing are our only business.

Cost Effective

Our expertise and knowledge of the specialized requirements of our region ensure the best possible job at the fairest possible price.

Modern Equipment and Experienced Operators

Our investment in modern equipment and training our employees to the highest standards assures your projects are completed on time and per specifications.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We pulverize and stabilize any size from major highways to building pads, parking lots and even tennis courts. Every year we pulverize enough asphalt to cover a two-lane highway from Phoenix to Flagstaff and we stabilize enough soil to cover the area of 172 football fields.

Years Established

Completed Projects in five states

Asphalt Pulverization
and Soil Stabilization Services


Existing asphalt roadway being pulverized and blended with a few inches of base material to make a 100% recycled base material saving thousands of dollars in haul off and purchase virgin materials.

Cement Stabilization

 Spreading and mixing cement into an existing failing roadway subgrade to improve structural strengths for building the roadway.

Lime Slurry Stabilization

Spreading and mixing lime slurry into unsuitable low bearing or expansive soils to create a higher bearing and low expansive soil to build on. 

We’ve Been Busting For Over 30 Years

Asphalt Busters has grown to be the largest asphalt pulverization and soil stabilization contractor in Arizona. Our equipment includes 4 pulverizer/stabilizers, 5 stabilization spreaders for both dry and slurry and all of the necessary transportation and support vehicles. Since our start in 1989, we have successfully completed over 8,000 projects in 5 different states for over 600 contractors and municipalities.

1989 - Downtown Phoenix Parking Lot

Pulverize 3″ Thick Asphalt

1996 - I-17 Beardsley Road Interchange

Pulverize 6″-8″ Thick Asphalt

1997 - Goodyear Airport Plane Parking Area

Cement Stabilization 8″ Deep

1997 - Highway 87 Subgrade

Cement Stabilization 8″-12″ Deep

1999 - Sedona

Pulverize 4″ Thick Asphalt Roadway

2001- Target Distribution Center, Phoenix 100 Acre Site

Lime Slurry Stabilization 8″-12″ Thick

2006 - Glendale Sports Complex

Pulverize 3″ Thick Asphalt Parking Lot

2006 - Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant Water Cooling Pond

Cement Stabilization 12″ Deep

2010- Goodyear Roadway Reconstruction

Cement Stabilization 8″ Deep

2013 - Springerville Power Generating Station Sludge Pond

Cement Stabilization 8″ Deep